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Situated on the shores of Lake Michigan, Chicago is one of the most vibrant cities in the world. With abundant cultural attractions in the city and fascinating architecture, Chicago enjoys the reputation of being the 20th Century focal point of art and cultural vastness. Also known as the Windy City, Chicago is one of the perfect places to travel in the United States. Whether we talk about Art Institute of Chicago which incorporates hundreds of magnificent artworks or if we take the popular amusement area Navy Pier, Chicago has something to offer everyone. If you are planning to travel via airlines to Chicago to New York, call us.

If you plan to travel to or from Chicago, the given information may come handy.


Given below is a list of airports serving flights from Chicago to New York :

  1. Chicago O’Hare International Airport (ORD): This airport is one of the largest airports in the world. It is also the chief international gateway of North America. Serves up to more than 200 destinations across the world.

 Airlines to Choose from:

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United Airlines, American Airlines, Spirit Airlines, JetBlue, Airlines and Delta Airlines are the airlines which operate from Chicago O’Hare International Airport.

The airport has 4 terminals in total. United airlines flights depart from the Terminal 1 and Delta Airlines flights depart from the Terminal 2. The rest of the three airlines, Spirit, JetBlue and American airlines operate from the terminal 3.


  1. Chicago Midway International Airport (MDW): This airport is also one of the convenient travel options for the visitors. It offers value-oriented relaxation and business travel, serving up to 60 destinations worldwide.

Airlines to Choose From:

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From Chicago Midway Airport (MDW), Southwest Airlines operates between Chicago and New York. It is a single terminal divided into three separate concourses.

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New York

With famous sites at every corner of the street, New York is one of the greatest cities in the entire world. From Broadway shows to extravagant shopping, this place caters to every person’s needs. Some people come to New York to explore the incredible monuments and sightseeing while others visit the place purely for spending their leisure time. With an endless range of places to visit, New York is certainly a wonderful city to be in. Do you plan to spend the forthcoming vacation in New York via Chicago to New York ? If yes, then look at the flight and airport information given below for flight reservations.


If you have traveled from Chicago to New York , and need to return these are best options.

  1. New York LaGuardia Airport (LGA): Located in the Queens region of New York City, the airport serves the purpose of facilitating domestic flights. It is bit quieter than the other major airports of New York such as JFK and EWR.

 Airlines to choose from:

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Flights from Chicago to New York LaGuardia Airport are facilitated by Delta Airlines, American airlines, Spirit Airlines, and United Airlines. There are 4 different terminals, one each for Spirit Airlines, United Airlines, American, and United Airlines.


  1. Newark Airport (EWR): Situated in New Jersey, the airport serves flights between New York to Chicago.

Airlines to choose from:

Flights between New York to Newark Airport are all American and United Airlines. Both these airlines operate from separate terminals.

  1. New York John f. Kennedy Airport (JFK): Situated in Manhattan, this particular airport has 6 different terminals.

Airlines to Choose from:

Flights from Chicago to New York are mostly of Delta Airlines, JetBlue Airlines, and American Airlines.


Tips to Book an affordable Air Travel from Chicago to New York 

Keep the following tips in mind when travelling from Chicago to New York .

  • One of the important tips which every flight passenger must know is that flight bookings are lower in cost when booked before 3 weeks from departure. In order to avail an economical flight, book your flight travel at least 3 weeks of the departure.
  • It has also been calculated that on an average the flights booked in mornings are comparatively lesser in price than evening flights.
  • You can book your tickets at best prices using our services.

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